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Grant Wiggins

May 25, 2015
My reply to Willingham, Part 2

In part 1 of my reply to Willingham’s article on reading comprehension strategies published recently in the Washington Post, I …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Civics: How can we best balance the rights of the individual with the common good?
2 How can I use my existing communication skills to learn a new language? What new communication skills must I develop?
3 What can I learn about my own language and culture from the study of others?
4 How does who am I talking to influence the words, structures, and attitudes I use?
5 How can I use my own experience and my outside knowledge to better understand and appreciate this text?
6 What is most important in this text? How can I tell? What questions should I ask about the text?
7 How can I read like a writer and write like a reader?
8 How can we balance humans' wants and the needs of the environment?
9 What can I learn about how text is written that will help me uncover what I need to know?
10 How do people's actions or inactions affect a community?
11 How can literature serve as a vehicle for social change?
12 How can becoming a good seeker, reader and listener of stories improve my life?
13 What makes writing worth reading? What makes writing flow?
14 What does this digit represent here? (place value ones and tens)
15 What story does the data tell? What conclusions can I draw from this data? How do I know?
16 What does a balanced lifestyle mean?
17 How do they make patterns for wallpaper?
18 What's the best way to count this?
19 How does one make a mathematical model of uncertain events?
20 Are any rules or laws acting here? How can a little say a lot?
21 What trends and patterns are well represented by a line?
22 When is a situation a proportional situation?
23 What do I know about this problem/situation? How can I express it mathematically?
24 What's important here?
25 What information can I find if I cut this object open?