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Grant Wiggins

October 23, 2014
Argument – the Core of the Common Core – and a clarifying example

The Common Core Standards make crystal clear that college and professional workplace readiness demand student ability to read and write …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Personal Narrative: In constructing my narrative, how can I blend my account of events that happened to me to my interpretation of what those events mean to me?
2 Writing/Drafting: How can I be sure that I include the most important and most effective information in my writing?
3 Geography: Why is that (city, battlefield, railroad, park, monument, highway, factory) there?
4 Economics: How do unions affect the economy?
5 Civics: For whom should I vote? Why? What is most important to me when I make this decision?
6 Civics: How can we keep government responsive to needs and interests?
7 How does language change depending on the age or social class of the speaker? Of the listeners?
8 How can I hold up my end of any conversation I have about literature?
9 How do researchers gather information?
10 How can literature serve as a vehicle for social change?
11 What does it mean to be a smart reader and listener?
12 2. What group does this belong in?
13 Which number is appropriate for a particular situation?
14 Which strategy is best for this problem? How do I know?
15 What does a base ten numerical system allow us to do?
16 What different information can you find from equivalent forms of numbers and expressions? How can algebraic expressions be transformed?
17 Which operation do I use? How do I know?
18 What happens if this is broken down? (If these are combined?)
19 About how big (how much) is this?
20 When should I use a table? A graph? An equation? Which approach best communicates what I want the audience to get?
21 What rules have changed in this situation? What stays the same?
22 6.4.2, 6.4.5 Why is ventilation necessary and how does it occur in humans? (How does the human body maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide?)
23 OAEQ2: How can I use social science concepts to understand and explain this event?
24 EQ1: How should we balance the benefits of economic and geographic growth with the costs?
25 How do we define the winners and losers in the Civil War?