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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

April 15, 2014
What feedback is and isn’t

The research is clear: good feedback is essential to learning at high levels. Alas, too few people understand what feedback …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Writing/Publishing: When is my writing ready for its audience? How can I tell?
2 Geography: What do we gain from calling an area a region?
3 Economics: Why do some economies succeed while others fail?
4 What's the best way to translate this?
5 What can I learn about my own language and culture from the study of others?
6 How can I - with a limited vocabulary and grammatical background -effectively explain ideas in writing so that native speakers can comprehend my messages?
7 How can I use my understanding of the structure and rules of English to communicate more effectively?
8 What do we all have to gain by understanding each other?
9 How can I use each step of the writing process to improve my writing?
10 What tools can a writer use to convey meaning? How does he/she choose?
11 How does poetry present itself in my everyday life and how can I recognize it?
12 To what extent are our actions with numbers governed by properties?
13 How can I express this number in different ways? (for addition/subtraction facts)
14 What's the "right" angle?
15 How does this compare to that?
16 What design problems can be best solved by conic sections?
17 How well can mathematics model messy, real-world situations?
18 How do we communicate about numbers to one another?
19 How can I use a little to know a lot?
20 Should I represent a quadratic function algebraically, graphically, verbally, or some other way? How do I decide?
21 Why assume anything? What are my assumptions? How do they influence my actions and conclusions?
22 Why are mathematical definitions and laws necessary?
23 How can I "un-do" a function? If I know what the "output" is, how can I find what the "input" was?
24 What makes a research topic good or bad?
25 What does it mean to be alive?