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Grant Wiggins

March 30, 2015
On Reading, Part 5: A key flaw in using the Gradual Release of Responsibility model

Yes, reading strategies – and explicit teaching of them – make a considerable difference, as my previous four blog posts …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Persuasion: Why would I want to persuade? Who do I want to persuade? Does it matter?
2 Persuasion: How can I organize my thinking and the information I have to support my thinking, in order to persuade others?
3 Writing/Planning: Do I know enough, yet, to begin writing?
4 Grammar: When do writers follow even the most arcane rules of grammar? When do they break those rules? To what effect?
5 Economics: To what extent should the government regulate the economy?
6 How do I figure out what someone is saying, if I don't understand all the words?
7 I know what happened in the text, but what does it all mean?
8 How do I respond to literature? How might I respond differently in order to better understand and appreciate a text?
9 How can we balance humans' wants and the needs of the environment?
10 How can questioning enrich our understanding?
11 What is it exactly that I am learning?
12 When I write, how will I make my "voice" heard?
13 What's in this text?
14 I know what happened in the text, but what does it all mean? What have I learned from it?
15 How do writers express their thoughts and feelings?
16 What shape is this?
17 How does a number (and operations involving such numbers) look? What do numbers (and operations involving these numbers) represent?
18 How do television shows based on scientific topics use math to help educate their viewer about the issues of science?
19 What properties and rules apply to this situation? How can I be sure?
20 What can I learn from the graph of a trig function?
21 For which special quadrilaterals is this true?
22 What can be done to strengthen the rights of individuals and groups?
23 EQ1: What is my role as a consumer and producer of media?
24 EQ1: How can I use the language, rules, and processes of algebra to change this algebraic expression or equation into an equivalent form that is more useful in finding the unknown values?
25 EQ2: What happens when civilizations encounter crisis?