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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

May 03, 2015
A brief post on NAEP Civics and History Test Results

Yes, we know: kids “don’t know much about history” in the words of the immortal Sam Cooke. The weak NAEP …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Personal Narrative: How can I best tell my story? Is one way more effective than another? How do I choose?
2 Writing/Revising: How can I find the words, images, and details to make my appeal more powerful?
3 Grammar: How does the structure of a sentence enhance or detract from the power, meaning, or mood of a text?
4 Geography: To what extent do humans live in their own communities? To what extent are we all part of a larger, global community?
5 Economics: Why do some economies succeed while others fail?
6 I know what happened in the text, but what does it all mean?
7 How can defiant acts be necessary? Empowering?
8 How does the kind of life an author has lived help me understand the author's books more deeply? Make connections to my own life? Be a better reader?
9 Why is research important?
10 How can becoming a good seeker, reader and listener of stories improve my life?
11 How does knowledge of myself enhance my understanding of poetry?
12 How will I know if I have made a difference in those areas?
13 How are these things related (powers and roots, standard and scientific notation, etc.)?
14 What does this digit represent here? (place value ones and tens)
15 What's in the mirror?
16 How can I show what I am thinking?
17 How do we decide which mathematical process to use?
18 What design problems can be best solved by conic sections?
19 Is this a new thing, or a familiar thing in disguise?
20 Can I break down this number (combine these numbers) into other numbers? How?
21 How do pictures, (graphs, tables, data), paint a thousand words?
22 How are traits passed down from generation to generation?
23 What factors affect population growth or decline?
24 What is cell theory?
25 EQ1: What makes a story sticky?