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Grant Wiggins

October 23, 2014
Argument – the Core of the Common Core – and a clarifying example

The Common Core Standards make crystal clear that college and professional workplace readiness demand student ability to read and write …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Journalism: What is news? What is not news? How can I tell?
2 Creative Writing: Do my characters communicate effectively through their actions, their words, their thoughts, and their feelings?
3 Is everything translatable?
4 How do I communicate in writing my understanding of myself?
5 What control do I have over the path my life takes?
6 What responsibilities, if any, does society and/or the individual have to nature and the environment?
7 What do I need to know about other cultures? AND- Why do I need to know about other cultures?
8 What do I have to say about myself, my goals, my philosophy?
9 How do gender, race, and class influence the writer's perspective?
10 What tools can a writer use to convey meaning? How does he/she choose?
11 What are the unique modern challenges a young person of today faces (that may or may not be different from those of generations past)?
12 What changes when integers enter the picture?
13 What's the best way to count this? How do I know?
14 How can similarity help us solve problems? What is the difference between similarity and congruence?
15 How can I be sure to retain place value when I add or subtract? What happens if I don't?
16 What rules and procedures apply here? How can I tell?
17 How should I interpret different types of numbers?
18 What's the pattern/ relationship here? How can a little say a lot? How can this best be represented mathematically?
19 What does this digit mean? What does this number mean? How does it matter?
20 To what extent can I adapt an existing formula to meet this new situation? (How can we use basic formulas to calculate the areas and perimeters of the various results of intersecting lines and circles? How can we use similar triangles? )
21 6.5.10, 6.5.11 How does the body maintain homeostasis with respect to body temperature and blood glucose level?
22 What is cell theory?
23 EQ1: How do I find out what I don't know?
24 EQ2: What are the limitations of math?
25 EQ2: If this changes, what happens to that? How sure am I?