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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

August 07, 2014
Assessment, grading and rigor: toward common sense and predictable outcomes on tests

Over the last few months I have worked with a number of high schools and middle schools where the grading …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Writing/Drafting: How does all this information fit together? What should I use? What should I not use? Why?
2 Writing/Revising: Is this writing as clear and coherent as it can be? What details can I add to, or take away from, my writing to make it more interesting and more effective?
3 Grammar: Why does writing have rules?
4 What is the difference between a “good” translation and a merely correct translation of the words?
5 How does a person's expectations influence the rest of his/her life?
6 How does culture affect people?
7 How and why do biographers choose the people they write about?
8 What is the difference between poetry and poems?
9 What is the value of this?
10 How can math help me to make a meal plan?
11 How do I make my money grow?
12 4. How can the picture help me and others understand?
13 What is this equation telling me? How is it useful?
14 What properties and rules apply to this situation? How can I be sure?
15 How can I describe this relationship so you know what I mean?
16 Are any rules or laws acting here? To what extent are our actions with numbers governed by properties?
17 Which measure (mean, median, mode, or range) should I use to make my point?
18 Is there an equivalent fraction that I should use here?
19 Why are mathematical definitions and laws necessary?
20 Is this a new idea, or an old idea in disguise?
21 If I remove/add/move this, what will happen? If I focus my attention on certain features and ignore others, what will happen? What remains invariant when something else is changed?
22 Why is the understanding of decimal place value important when reporting scientific results and reading results from other researchers?
23 How do you find resources that have different perspectives on the topic you are researching?
24 How can mutations affect the phenotype of an individual?
25 OAEQ5: Is this a time to add, subtract, multiply or divide? How do I know?