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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

May 25, 2015
My reply to Willingham, Part 2

In part 1 of my reply to Willingham’s article on reading comprehension strategies published recently in the Washington Post, I …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Persuasion: How can I convince this audience to agree with this position?
2 Persuasion: Why would I want to persuade? Who do I want to persuade? Does it matter?
3 Writing/Revising: Which feedback should I accept, for my revision? Which should I reject? Why?
4 Vocabulary: Is there a more powerful, vivid, or more precise word I can use here?
5 How do I figure out what someone is saying, if I don't understand all the words?
6 How can cultural awareness enhance my language learning, and vice versa?
7 What is “foreign”? What is it like to be a “foreigner”? How can I feel less like one?
8 How can I learn to stand up for what I believe in?
9 How can I read like a writer and write like a reader?
10 What skills does the reader need to understand the writer's purpose?
11 Why do authors make decisions they make about characters' relationships with each other?
12 Who am I as a reader and a writer?
13 How can a little say a lot?
14 How can I justify my thinking and communicate it to others?
15 Are the rules we use determined by unchangeable realities, or are they practical human conventions? (Is math "real," or did people make it up?)
16 Is this a good time to use fractions? How can I tell?
17 How do you know when a measurement is accurate enough? How do we make adjustments, or account for, inherent inaccuracies or errors in measurement?
18 Should I estimate here, or should I get an exact answer?
19 About how big (how much) is this?
20 What role did math play in the History of our Nation?
21 What information about a geometric figure uniquely determines that figure?
22 How has biodiversity on Earth changed over time, and what environmental influences caused these changes to occur?
23 EQ1: What is my role as a consumer and producer of media?
24 OAEQ2: How might I best express my thinking so that others know precisely what I mean?
25 EQ1: Does talent come naturally or is it learned?