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Grant Wiggins

April 23, 2014
Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics

The Common Core Standards in Mathematics stress the importance of conceptual understanding as a key component of mathematical expertise. Alas, …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Persuasion: How can I organize my thinking and the information I have to support my thinking, in order to persuade others?
2 Economics: What is it worth? To whom? How value determined?
3 How do people communicate without adequate language? How can I therefore communicate effectively, even when I don't know all the words?
4 Where do ideas for writing come from?
5 How am I supposed to feel after reading/hearing these words? Does my reaction fulfill the author's purpose?
6 How does this text affect me?
7 What do all dreams have in common? How can they differ?
8 What do we all have to gain by understanding each other?
9 Why is the idea of "journey" so prevalent in American literature?
10 How could these elements affect my choice of language: the time, place, and occasion? my purpose for communicating the audience with whom I am communicating?
11 How does a poet use imagery to create a mood in his/her writing?
12 How can I increase my level of awareness of and interest in the stories of people who are around me every day?
13 How can technology increase my audience and opportunities for response to my writing?
14 What is the best way to describe something mathematically?
15 What shape is this?
16 How do I make my money grow?
17 Why do I need to understand math when there are calculators and computers to do the work for me?
18 What's the best (most efficient) way to approach this problem?
19 How can math help sports professionals improve their game and make it more enjoyable for spectators?
20 How many is 100?
21 How can I use mathematical language to describe this situation?
22 Which is more accurate in finding the measurement of an object: the use of direct measurement or the use of a formula?
23 How are angles/lines/shapes related?
24 How do I know when to round?
25 How does understanding the multiplication and division of decimals help me to understand my growing body?