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Grant Wiggins

February 16, 2015
Dozens of EQs from a vital source

An excerpt from an important book: “We have framed some questions which, in our judgment, are responsive to the actual …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Expository Writing: Have I been clear? How can I tell?
2 Journalism: Which events should be publicized through news stories? Which should remain private? How can I make that decision?
3 Writing/Planning: How can I best organize the information and ideas I have?
4 Writing/Drafting: How can I structure and support my thinking in a way that makes my arguments strong?
5 Writing/Revising: Is this writing as clear and coherent as it can be? What details can I add to, or take away from, my writing to make it more interesting and more effective?
6 What strategies can I use to (better) understand this text? What are the features of this text that can help me find information and understand what I am reading?
7 What do I already know about the subject?
8 Is this an effective piece of text? Why or why not?
9 What are the unique modern challenges a young person of today faces (that may or may not be different from those of generations past)?
10 What details of the text support my understanding?
11 Which tool is the best tool for measuring in this situation?
12 How and why does algebra allow us to extend the meaning of number (from counting numbers to real numbers)?
13 What story does the graph tell?
14 What is the pattern/relationship here? What are the unknowns? How can this be represented mathematically?
15 What story does the graph tell? Which type of graph will make my point?
16 What do you think is the most important tool a home builder uses?
17 How does a pattern extend?
18 How would my life be different if I could not measure time?
19 What rules and procedures apply here? How can I tell?
20 What ways can I measure this? What's the best way?
21 What comes next? How do I know?
22 What do I know about this problem? What is important here?
23 If I remove/add/move this, what will happen? If I focus my attention on certain features and ignore others, what will happen? What remains invariant when something else is changed?
24 6.4.2, 6.4.5 Why is ventilation necessary and how does it occur in humans? (How does the human body maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide?)
25 EQ2: How do I communicate someone else's ideas?