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Grant Wiggins

October 19, 2014
A PS to the guest post on shadowing HS students (and the author revealed)

So… Over 650,000 read the previous guest post on the shadowing of two HS students. And over 250 readers wrote comments, most of …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Geography: How does the environment shape human activity? ?How does human activity shape the environment?
2 Geography: How do changes in our environment lead to changes in the way we live?
3 How can I make a visitor from another culture feel “at home” with me?
4 How can I capsulize my own thinking? Others' thinking?
5 How does language affect the text? The reader?
6 What do good readers do?
7 How can questioning enrich our understanding?
8 How does my cultural background influence me? OR- Who am I as a member of the world's community?
9 What clues does this text hold that can help me understand what it means and why it was written?
10 Are tall tales just lies? What of importance can they reveal about Americans or American life?
11 I know what happened in the text, but what does it all mean? What have I learned from it?
12 What happened in this text? What is it about? How do I know?
13 What makes writing worth reading? What makes writing flow?
14 How can using extended metaphors enhance my understanding and perspective on life?
15 How can I respond to art - whether I like it or not - in an articulate, meaningful way?
16 Which trig values and formulas will be most useful for me to know outright? How can I generate the others?
17 How can I express this number in different ways? (for addition/subtraction facts)
18 How can I create a line of length square root of 2, when the number itself can only be approximated?
19 Which is more accurate in finding the measurement of an object: the use of direct measurement or the use of a formula?
20 What does this digit mean? What does this number mean? How does it matter?
21 What is the best model for a relationship? Is it quadratic in nature, cubic, or something else?
22 How can we use decimals to change the world of plants?
23 6.6.2, 6.6.4 What is the role of hormones in the male and female reproductive systems?
24 EQ1: What is my role as a consumer and producer of media?
25 EQ1: How is the Constitution both a product of its time and a product of the present?